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The King of the Things

The King of the Things Binding: Paperback, 82 pages
ISBN: 9781906132507
UK �4.99
Publication date: 14/10/13

Format: 198mm x 129mm

BISAC Code: JUV002050, JUV016020


Hunch was different from everyone else. He knew it. They knew it. And his arch rival Tax, who was the best at absolutely everything, never failed to use it against him. However, nobody knew a surprise was at hand, from the Things that lurked deep inside the wood. Things so strange that nobody has ever been able to describe them!

'Taunted and exploited by a local golden boy, who seems to have everything, Hunch sets out on a life changing journey. The challenges that lie ahead are so wild, so unexpected that Hunch�s disability is soon the least of his worries. With a delightful dollop of disgusting details, this story is sure to please revolting young readers, whilst delivering a powerful message. Prepare to move to the edge of your seat as this tale is even more twisted than Hunch's hazel walking stick.' Lucy

"As a mum, I like it that The King Of The Things is a wonderful tale of a life-long problem in our world. I think the author has captured this with his character Hunch being the object of the bullying. Poor Hunch has to live with all the hurtful things people say & do over something that is beyond his control. He thinks he's a horrible creature, but he really is a good, kind person which The King Of The Things shows him." Simone Mitchell

'I read a lot, half a book a night. But as soon as I saw this cover I knew the book was going to be extra interesting... Just the cover and title will make people want to pick it up, and the story inside is not going to disappoint anyone who reads it. Truly awesome.'
Finn, aged 9.

'The King of the Things is a good book. I like how the character is a hunchback and is always being bullied because of his hunch... when Hunch met The King of The Things. I liked that he was nice to Hunch and didn't care what he looked like but he only cared what he was like on the inside.'
Oscar - aged 12.

'The King of Things is an excellent story. It's a strange and amazing tale with weird creatures...I could really relate to the main character because people have bullied me, and people
at school have watched and done nothing about it. I felt happy about what
happened in the journey.' Lao - aged 8.

'It shows what is right or wrong, what is unfair or fair, and kind or horrible in a creative and magical way.It's an unusual story, told from the heart, that stops people judging by looks and knowing that what is important is what's inside people's hearts. If you're someone who likes to be different, you need to read The King of Things.'
Treya (Age 11, nearly 12!)

About the author
Adrian Beckingham, (A.K.A. The Man from Story Mountain) is a leading story-teller who has spun magical tales at the British Museum, the Glastonbury Festival and venues across the globe. A believer in the power of story to transform and heal, Adrian is well known for his work using stories to improve mental health/ community care settings. He is also the founding chairman of
The Siddhartha Foundation, a charity establishing a residential school for Himalayan orphans in Kathmandu city.

Email to arrange for Adrian to visit your school, library or festival.

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