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Spartapuss Quiz

Question 1

Who owns Spatopia, the place where we first join Spartapuss?

  1. Catligula
  2. Katrin
  3. Clawdius
  4. Emperor Tibbles

Question 2

Which of the following tactics was Spartapuss' Yellow Team meant to adopt in the gladiator's arena?

  1. Charge full pelt at the enemy, equipped with a sword and shield.
  2. Run away from the opponent until he is too tired to chase any longer. Then proceed to taunt the opponent with a trident and net from a safe distance.
  3. Curl up on the edge of the battleground and pretend to be a rock. Pray to Mewpiter and Mars as much as possible.

Question 3

What important role did the Purrmanians have in Rome?

  1. They were hired to organise religious festivals
  2. They were hired to design top of the range, must-have feline fashion accessories
  3. They were hired to be the Emperor's bodyguards.

Question 4

What creature is the Moracle, who predicts future events but speaks of them only in riddles?

  1. A Mouse
  2. A Mole
  3. A Rat

Question 5

In 'Die Clawdius', the Emperor receives a letter from the King of all Kitons demanding the return of WOMPS. What does W.O.M.P stand for?

  1. Whale of Minimal Potential
  2. Witch of Massive Power
  3. Walrus of Much Persuasiveness
  4. Weapon of Magical Power

Question 6

What does the Mewids' code forbid them from doing?

  1. Dancing
  2. Fighting
  3. Singing on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  4. Speaking to non-Mewids.

Question 7

Which tribe did Boudicat belong to?

  1. The Micini
  2. The Catres
  3. The Catu tribe

Question 8

How is Spartapuss connected to Boudicat's family?

  1. He is Boudicat's cousin
  2. He is Boudicat's daughter's best friend
  3. He is Boudicat's sister's daughter's husband

Question 9

Where was Spartapuss born?

  1. Rome
  2. Land of the Kitons
  3. Fleagypt

Question 10

At the beginning of Spartapuss series, the Emperor Tiberius (Tibbles) is in power. Which emperor did Tibbles replace?

  1. Mewlius Caesar (Julius Caesar)
  2. Clawdius (Claudius)
  3. Augustupuss (Augustus)
  4. Catligula (Caligula)

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