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Here are some of the fantastic stories that you've sent in. Sorry we could not put all of your stories up but here are a few of our favourites...

Vikings at Kings Hall

by Patrick, Kuwait City (story and drawings)

Vikings of Kings Hall


Once upon a time a boy named Erik and his sister called Siv were twins, they were the first twins ever, and because they were the first twins they had a celebration with many important chiefs and many people would want to see them. Later as they grew up when they were seven years old they learned how to draw and be creative and when they were twelve years old they learned how to fight and learned sophisticated warfare and how to conquer the enemies and fight for kings hall, they were trained by a rough but proud coach called Arne.By that time king Vidar the revengeful led the attack of kings hall and he was the father of Erik and Siv and he was leader of the village, king Vidar made a new important law, everyone including ladies must learn how to fight for the attack of the enemies meanwhile the twins [Erik and Siv] were thinking about their mentors, Eriks mentor was Rolf the reliable and Sivs mentor was Freya the fabulous they live or fight as their mentors, but sometimes their relatives were their mentors.


Meanwhile on enemy village they were planning the attack on kings hall the leader of the enemies was called Inge the ignorant they started planning with thirty men ready for the attack, Inge set a different positions for his thirty men army he split the army in halves, “LISTEN UP IM GOING TO GIVE EACH OF YOU A POSITION IVAR AND TEN OTHER MEN WILL GO TO THE FOREST AND ULF AND THE TWENTY OTHER WILL GO TO THE BEACH UNDERSTAND ?!’’Inge yelled, Yes Inge. ‘’Ivar asked a question ‘’Inge’’ ‘’WHAT?!’’Furiously roaring at his soldier ‘’the people at the beach and the people at the forest what are our and their weapons? Igne roared ‘THE PEOPLE AT THE BEACH WILL GET THEIR BROADSWORDS AND THE PEOPLE AT THE FOREST WILL GET THEIR AXES AND HAMMERS AND COLLECT AS MUCH COINS THAT YOU CAN ROB AND GET AS MUCH RUNESTONE AS YOU CAN , GET A SECRET KEY AND A HORN SO LOUD IT CAN MAKE A MAN DEAF AND A GOLDEN CUP INSIDE THE MAIN HALL AND A DEADLY BROOCH AND SOME WILL STAY ON A LONGSHIP,FIGHT AS SAVAGLY AS POSSIBLE.’’


One day king hall kindergarten had a trip to the forest and one kid found an enemy behind his back, he ran back to king hall and told king Vidar and then king Vidar had an emergency meeting and they had a plan to defeat the enemies so it was set and it was foolproof they thought it was going to work but the enemies were already at the forest and the beach king Vidar yelled ‘’EVERYBODY DO THIS RIGHT ".

Vikings of Kings Hall


At the cover of night there was a full moon and no clouds at sight enemy village were already at the positions that Inge told them ,then Inge yelled ‘’SPLIT UP IVAR AND ULF GOT IT !?’’ after the citizens of kings hall finished and have secured the plan they ran out the main hall and screaming ATTAAAAAAACK!’’ and then Inge yelled CHAAAAAAARGE!’’ then they fought savagely as monsters with lots of massacres ,blood and chopped heads and spears to the throat and the enemies were winning but kings hall suddenly got the upper hand until only ten enemies remain and twenty five king hall citizens were still alive the enemies were outnumbered they thought it was all over but…they went finished yet while they were savagely fighting some enemy spies were stealing the things that Inge told them to steal like the key the horn the rune stone the coins and the brooches and the secret cup after they stole the cup they ran back to enemy village on a long ship were some king hall people in the long ship punched them then threw them overboard and the kings hall long ship defeated the enemy long ship.


Thousands of years ago Inge splayed a ferocious dragon called Olav he was a bonifed killing machine he was one hundred and ten ft long with razor sharp skin piercing claws like daggers and ninety bone crushing bloodletting muscle destroying teeth he has no soul no conscious and no feeling he was splayed on a belly of an active volcano in the heart of king hall ‘’THAT WAS WAAY TO EASY HES EVEN DEAD ’’smiled Inge that is until Olav has suddenly risen from the dead and is ready to kill Inge he opened his wings and he flapped them and bursting out of the volcano like a speed demon and flying into kings hall and pushing himself down like a gigantic meteorite his step was like a anchor knocking down many people and then Inge screamed with fear filling through him ‘’BU BUT HOW I KILLED YOU, HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE ALIVE?!’’Then Inge ran for his life but Olav was flying faster until Inge ran into Olav’s terrible teeth then Olav was breathing his flames and he is defeating Inge’s army demolishing and destroying everything in his path until nothing that belonged to the enemies was Alive or existed.

Vikings of Kings Hall


Olav bowed his head down, it’s his way of saying sorry they thought it was a sign of aggression they stepped back then Erik and Siv put their hands on Olav’s nose and then Olav did not hurt them he was tamed and ready to reconstruct kings hall from that war he was Taken to kings hall to fix the damage that has happened after six weeks the town was fixed and Olav was living in peace and was helping people in everyday life like using his disgusting poop as fertilizer for the plants and his teeth to make holes in the dirt and his claws as a rake and his blast to startle and then catch fish.


Kings hall decided to have a feast for Erik and Siv for their effort to help train Olav and help him fit in everyday life and for asking him for fixing kings hall the feast included prive ribs and steak salmon, cod tuna pork meatballs beef chicken and fruits, he made them the second in command of the whole of kings hall they will be judges and be coaches and be in charge of chiefs and to help in construction and be in charge of many royal business and everyone was respecting them.


Erik and Siv were thinking ‘’Siv?’’ ‘’yeah’’ how about we have some Olav back control lessons well I suppose but he might get a little aggressive so not really. ‘’Oh oh I’ve got it ‘’what what is it?’’lets give Olav riding lessons ok that’s a brilliant idea the next day ‘’step right up and learn how to ride Olav but there are rules only people twelve or over are allowed to ride and be really enormously carful so let’s get on with the lessons in eight weeks they were ready and flying high Olav wasn’t really too happy about that and then he was very tired and after his nap he was ready to fly high and he is now a part of life in kings hall.

The End

The Mysterious Journey

by laian, Kuwait City

Viking longship

Once upon a Viking day, there were siblings called Arne, Erik, Vidar and Freya they were going on a mysterious journey with their cousins: Hilda and Astrid. They use a ship to get to the unusual island to find a magical key. There are only two real maps that show the real way to get to the magical key. Going to this island is very dangerous because chances are they might get killed or die.

On the ship they took half an hour to get to the island, when they arrived they took out the map and Erik and Freya started leading the way. They went through a damp forest and Hilda got stuck in quicksand. After they helped Hilda out, they continued their trip. The girls started to get tired and sore so they suggested resting for the following couple of hours. Arne and Astrid got out some food they have packed earlier; they got out cheese, butter, bread, and vegetables like potatoes and cabbage. After they finished eating, they got ready to continue the way. They walked about a mile and got to the point where X was marked on the map. They started digging their way into the ground. Astrid shouted: “I found the key! It’s there. I can see it, it’s shining!”

Astrid kept hold of the key as they were all screaming in happiness. While they were walking to the chamber that leads to the treasure, Freya finds an orange, rusty and old key thrown on the side of a tree. She picks it up and she examines the key and she was confused because she doesn’t know what that key was doing over there. She keeps it to herself and she doesn’t tell the others about it. They keep on walking until they are in front of the one and only chamber of gold. Astrid walks up to the keyhole and tries the key, it does not open. She gets really shocked. She tries it a few times more and she gets really upset because the person who finds the key can get the treasure. On the map it says only the one person who finds the key that opens the door to the chamber can take the treasure and is not able to share it with anyone else.

Freya said: “I found a key beside a tree while you were screaming and shouting.” Vidar asks: “why did you not tell us about it?” “I wasn’t sure what the key was for.” Freya replied. “How about you try it in the key hole?” everyone except Astrid said.

Freya tried the key in the key hole and it worked. Everyone was surprised and was happy that Freya found the key. They all congratulated Freya. Freya walked in to take the treasure while crying, tears of joy. The treasure included gold, money, coins and expensive jewellery. Astrid was very jealous of Freya because Astrid loves jewellery and gold as well as her dream was to be very rich. Astrid is a selfish and greedy person. She has always been jealous of Freya because she has long, wavy, soft blonde hair, fair skin and bright green eyes and she looked like a beautiful princess. Hilda, Arne, Erik and Vidar are all happy for Freya for finding the key to the treasure.

After finding the treasure, they sat for a while to rest before heading back home. They sat and looked at what’s inside the treasure. Freya couldn’t wait to tell her parents about the journey and the amazing treasure she’s wanted to find all her life.

The End

Bow Down Blaster Dark

By Denis and Sofian from Hillside Primary School, Berkshire.

Blaster dark artwork Blaster Dark

“Bow down Blaster Dark, bow down to the power of the Heaven’s Light, the ultimate dragon sword!” roared Nehalem with sweat pouring down his cheeks. The cave was as dark as the ebony heart of the crimson demon. The stalactites were as sharp as steel rapiers. Blaster Dark’s breath had a foul stench of rotten eggs and pickle. The extraordinary battle was about to begin … Nehalem readied his stance and sprinted towards the demon; his sword collided with Blaster Dark’s claws. The Heaven’s light had reacted to the clash. Nehalem suddenly, to his amazement, became three clones of his former self. The demon gazed in bewilderment. Its forest-green eyes flashed like headlamps. The dumb-struck monster had no idea which Nehalem to attack, but the real Nehalem, who had unnoticeably crept behind the creature’s back, plunged his sword into the demon’s scaly skin. The demon bellowed with pain as blood gushed out of his deep wound. Nehalem then leapt into the air and struck the final blow into the demon’s heart. Unusually - this time-black blood poured out. How strange…

The Ring of True Love

by Annie L, Scotby School

Silver ring Silver ring

In 10 .A.D there lived a poor, twenty-three year-old slave named Lucius from the little village of Navy in Rome. Lucius was a good man ,gentle, kind and very protective of his home village. One day he was forced to become the Emperor, Germanicus’s daughter, Princess Antonia’s slave in the royal palace. A job that he never wanted! But as soon as they saw each other, Lucius and Antonia fell in love. “Antonia, you are my true love, you are so beautiful. Your eyes twinkle like a million stars. Take this ring as a sign of my love for you.” Lucius proclaimed. “You are such an honour to be with, I hope we can be together forever. But my father will forbid my love to you” Antonia replied. “I have a cunning idea, let’s run away into the woodland forest beside the oak tree and get married, without your father, Germinus knowing. At midnight, then we can be together forever.” Lucius announced happily. As they were all happy, an unpleasant signal caught the corner of their eye.The guards had heard them talk about going to run away and had followed them over night. The guards took Lucius and Antonia to to the Emperor. “Please! Don’t hurt him father.” worried Antonia. “But Antonia, he does need to be punished!” exclaimed Germinus. “You, Lucius, Princess Antonia’s slave, shall be executed !” The Guards carried Lucius to the towering tower of executions. “Oh no, not Lucius! I should deserve the punishment.” cried Antonia. “You have no reason to blame yourself, my dearest. Look princess he was not for you and neither is that wooden ring he gave you. Take it off now!” demanded Germinus. “No, never!” shouted Antonia,hiding the ring beneath her garment. “Antonia, I have heard that there is a handsome prince, name Antonius of Carlisle who is looking for a bride. He will betrothed you and take care of you. I’m certain he would give you a fine silver ring in return for your heart.” Anxiously, trembling loudly sobbing Princess Antonia was thinking what to do next. She couldn’t live without her almighty Lucius.It was too much! She decided to do what she thought was the right thing. Why should she carry on without the true man’s love? After several hours she had to do it, she took a sip and waited for a moment ,clutching the ring to her heart. Bang! Smash! Boom! What happened? Nobody knows upon this tale. Her life is over.But true love never ends…

The Diamond Ring of Zanzibar Wood

by Emma N, aged 10 (Scotby School)

sword Seal ring

Julius and Julia were ten year old twins. Sadly, they were orphaned at birth and were forced to roam the dusty draining heat of the streets of the city of Rome and wear rags. They had found little shelter to sleep in, but they were grateful for what they were given. “Think we will have any luck today?” Whispered Julia solemnly, flicking her silky black hair onto her tanned skin. “Maybe” Shrugged Julius, shaking his short black hair behind him.
About a month after Julius’ 12th birthday, Julius and Julia were forced to leave the city because of a drought which was killing all of the crops and starving all the villagers. Mournfully, they packed up their few belongings and fled into the shaded forest of Zanzibar. It wasn’t long until it was too dark for the twins to see their hand in front of their faces. But then they noticed a faint light glimmering angelically amidst the trees. Clumsily, they stumbled and tripped over dead logs and rocks, following the light all the time. Finally they reached the angelic everlasting light. They stared. They were gobsmacked. They were joyous. Standing in the middle of the wood stood a huge golden temple. It wasn’t the temple shining though. It was the huge amount of gold, silver, gems, jewellery and food that was giving off the incredible light. Nervously, the terrified but exhausted duo entered the golden temple, slumped their piles of belongings in the hallway and climbed drowsily into the beds they had found and fell into a deep deep sleep. When Julius woke up the next morning before Julia, he was shocked to find that most of the treasure had vanished except for a couple of gold coins, most of the food and a ring with a diamond fused into it. It was beautiful. Julia woke with a start and placed the beautiful ring on her finger. All of a sudden it started. Bam. Twang. Wing!!!

Julia was petrified and refused to watch the terrifying performance the ring was performing and it was not long until the ring had sparkled into life. It had transformed Julia and Julius’ rags into rich gold suits and dresses. Julius found himself holding a long sharp knife and a golden shield and Julia found herself holding a bucketful of money and a small dagger. The ring sparkled even more that it had before and began to speak in a ladylike soothing tone ... “Do not be foolish and do not fill with greed, your weapons will protect you from the evil that will arise. Be careful, my children for I shall be here.” Julia and Julius were speechless. They were paralyzed. They were gobsmacked. What did she mean? Julia and Julius decided to take all the food, riches and the ring back to Rome and to sell the riches and keep the food. They would also keep the ring. As they made their way through the wood with their heavy baskets they came upon a beggar woman and her son. “Please spare us some food for the day”begged the women on her hands and knees. Taking pity on the beggars, knowing what it’s like to be a beggar themselves, they gave a loaf of bread to the mother and to the child they gave a gold cup. “Thank you” cried the women out loud and grabbing her son by the hand. “We shall make our way to town now and sell this golden cup”. Before Julia could shout stop, they were running in and out of the mammoth sized trees. When they finally arrived at Rome, they found not a single soul moving in the city. They explored the buildings from top to bottom, but all they found were dead bodies, dead bodies and more dead bodies. Not a single soul alive in Rome except for them and that beggar woman and her son. The two some buried the ring and all their wealth and coins underneath a giant cherry blossom tree and unfortunately died from a terrible disease about three years later. 1705 years into the future..........

In September 1998, thousands of Roman coins and a beautiful gold ring from the third century AD were discovered by Colin Roberts in Rome, in his father’s back garden under a cherry tree. This was one of the finest hoards ever recorded from Rome and were declared treasure in December 1998. The 3,750 coins had been buried, possibly in a wooden box, around AD 295-6. Colin was proud of his find of the coins and ring and sold them to a museum in northern London. If you go there now you should be able to see these amazing artifacts in the Natural History Museum in London. Also, the beautiful temple in Rome was found and is now open to the public. That is the end of my story, I hope enjoyed it.

Friends Forever

by Robert S (Scotby School)

Titus and Julius were sitting outside the mammoth stone arena watching a gruesome fight to the death knowing they would be next. Julius was horrified to hear the crowd chanting, “Kill him, Kill him” as the gladiator was knocked off his feet. Titus out of the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of the extremely rich and powerful emperor drop his hand….he stabs, he rolls, he reaches for his sword. Did he survive? Sadly not. “Is this how it’s going to end for us?” “I really hope not. We’ve known each other too long for that” whispered Titus. Remember when we were just little and we always got into all sorts of trouble? Julius remembered when they knocked the head off a million pounds sculpture that stood in their neighbour’s garden while playing football. The only thing to stick it back on with was some pig guts. Yuk! Another time was when they opened the stable door and let out all the soldiers horses. Luckily they were not caught. Suddenly the heavy metal gates opened and the crowd cheered “Gladiators, Gladiators” Their shouts could be heard miles away. Titus and Julius stepped into the ring. They had no choice the fight began. The sun was beating down on them and both gladiators were panting and sweating. Titus was knocked to the ground and Julius lifted his sword afraid to end the fight. Suddenly the sunlight caused a sparkle and the Emperor noticed a ring Titus was wearing. He remembered this ring was given to two young boys many years ago to say thank you for finding his daughter. She was out playing and got lost. Titus and Julius had found her when they were building a den in the woods. She told the boys her name was Antonia and where she lived and the boys took her home. The rich and powerful emperor was so happy and said he would never forget what they had done and gave them both a ring. STOP! exclaimed the emperor. “I know that ring! Are you the boys who found my daughter when she was lost?” asked the emperor curiously. “Yes we are” yelled Julius. The emperor stopped the fight and set Julius and Titus free and told them that they would never have to fight each other again.

Titus And The Dice

by Samuel, aged 10 (Scotby School)

A few hundred years ago there was a gladiator called Titus. He was thin and weak but won every match. He had a dice and would never give it away, for his mother spent her entire life making it. Like all dice it had six sides, but every side had a six on it. Every time he went into battle he rolled the dice and got a six and the warrior he was up against died instantly as soon as he saw what looked like a wimp of a boy. One day he was up against a 16 year old and new he would not need it. He stepped on to the field, the boy leaped at Titus BANG! He was on the floor, Titus got up and was about to plunge a sword into his throat when the dice fell out of Titus’s pocket it rolled a one! How can that have happened? Titus had only ever seen a six rolled. The boy’s eyes turned to black flames and Titus died. The dice turned to ash but the ash flew into Titus’s sword. The sword turned red and there was a flash of light and every one in the arena was dead!!! Hundreds of years later the sword was put in a museum. Six days after it had been in the museum it turned to ash, slipped under the glass and flew into the sky. The next morning a dice fell from the sky and landed on the very same spot Titus died, and the ground glowed black and a skeleton hand burst out of the soil…

Julia's Love Story

by Freya K (aged 10)

One day a beautiful young lady who walked the streets of Rome, her name was Julia, she had luscious long and golden hair, rosy red cheeks and gleaming white teeth.

She had a lover, Augustus, who was mighty and strong, with short and spiky hair with a slight hint of red.

They lived in a tall majestic and elegant palace with 700 rooms, which they adored.

Seven months later, Augustus bought a ring, a shimmering glimmering one too. He was ready, ready to propose. She was so happy she threw a celebration party but just then a Roman Gladiator turned up at the stone and metallic door and spoke twelve words, which were; “Your husband must be recruited to the arena to fight a Lion.” Julia’s face went blank and her rosy cheeks went pale like a white sheet of paper. She knew he had to go even though she didn’t want him to leave now they were engaged. She didn’t need this now, not ever, but he had no choice.

The big day was here. Augustus was fighting a blood thirsty lion. One and a half hours later he died a painful death and Julie cried and cried and cried until she was worn out. So, she buried his sword and her ring and never went near them again.


John's Roman Story

by John F, Scotby School

sword The hilt of a Roman gladius sword

It was a scorching hot day aboard the ship ‘Vesuvius’, as Antonius shouted “land ahoy”. The men released the rowing boats down onto the blue shimmering aquamarine ocean. They finally reached the land, it was a small island called ‘sorino’. Antonius and his men trudged through the dark creepy forest. Julius and his army of ugly faced, nasty tempered villagers were there already. “THIS IS MY LAND GET OUT” shouted Julius “NO IT’S MY LAND”! replied Antonius. The two sides where arguing for over three weeks, gradually the arguing got into a dreadful mistake. Julius eventually surrendered against Antonius and his undefeatable army. Antonius and his powerful men where gorping at the silk silver shiny sword stuck into a solid rock. The sword is the most powerful thing in all of the land.

3000 years later Samuel Foster found the sword in his back garden. This was a very special find and it was the only ever Roman sword of its kind found. Samuel Foster was very pleased with his find.

The Demonic Sword of Helm's Arena

by Dion, year 5/6

sword The hilt of a Roman gladius sword

A tale of treacherous treasure is about to unfold, it begins with a young brave prince from Rome his mighty speeches and his decisions led him far in the order of Rome. His name was Vibius the prince of choice. One day in his kingdom the prince heard that legend foretold that Helms Arena was cursed by Darkener the almighty sword and only the royal family blood could break the curse. The prince knew his family were not built to fight and his father King Julius hated violence. But Vibius was a brave man and saw that if a duty had to be fulfilled by him he would accept, but how would he do it? He begged his father to let him attempt to break the curse, but his father was reluctant as always, and hearing this horrible suggestion Vibius was instantly banished from his kingdom and stripped from his royal service, he was forced to live alone. Vibus was able to live by the way of a normal Roman. He became a gladiator. He grew strong and challenged many arenas but finally he was able to go to Helms Arena (the ancient swords arena). As he came to the arena his attention drew to a man named Titus “what a show off” Vibius muttered as he entered the arena. Half way trough the battle Vibius noticed that Titus had a royal necklace, was he a prince too? Vibius was hoping all would come clear quickly. After an hour Titus was defeated by Vibius. From the victory Vibius received the Darkener Sword and to fulfil the arenas destiny must sacrifice a gladiator which would have to be Titus. Vibius refused as there could be a relation between him and Titus. Unfortunately the Darkener held no judgement and swiftly took the soul of Vibius which left Titus standing alone. As Titus pulled the sword out of the ground he pledged out loud that “this sword will now be named the Darkener of Vibus, Named after the brave and kind warrior that held other gladiator’s life in high regard”. And so the story ends.

Ruby's Roman Story

A Roman ring

There once was a roman girl from a well to do family . Her name was Julia . Her mother Tita had died in childbirth when Julia was 3 years old .Julia’s baby brother had also died . Julia's mother had owned a beautiful pearl ring . When she had known that she was dying she had written her will . In it she had left her ring to Julia . Julia - now ten years of age - treasured the ring and wore it at all times even at night !
 Julia and her father Julius lived in a beautiful two-story
Villa . Surrounded by obedient ,quiet, dark skinned slaves
Julia was a bit spoilt . She always got her own way except on one thing , she did not want to marry the person she would soon be betrothed to . He was at least thirty years old and though he was well to do he was not handsome and intelligent like she had hoped . But there was another thing her father was adamant for not to have , a personal slave of her own ! She had always wanted her own personal slave but it was no , no or no . Julia ,however, was a sly thing and she took getting betrothed to her advantage on this subject . So one day she asked her father :
 “Pater ?” “Yes love .”he answered . “Since I am getting betrothed soon I ought to have my own personal slave oughtn't I ?” .
Her father smiled “What a intelligent daughter I have!” he thought .

“Yes ,my dear . I was thinking the same thing . You are old enough now , tomorrow we shall se what the venilicious ( slave dealer) has at the slave market .”
“Oh thank you pater, thank you !!” She cried
she ran to him and put her arms around his waist .
The next morning the two set off ,in their private litter,
to the slave market . They there found a stock of healthy female Africans . They bought one and she immediately told them that her name was Leda and how could she serve them ? !
That night Julia’s father has a banquet with some of his clients . Julia was invited and she got her new slave girl ( Leda ) to give her pearl ring a really good polish .Leda took the ring to the slaves quarters . She slipped it on her finger and ran out of the house on the pretence of getting vegetables from the market . Rushing into the woods she hurried all the way to the arena market place ,she there easily sold the ring and got enough money for a ship back to her home country of Nubia . She there found her family and returned to her old life .

Meanwhile the handsome Greek merchant who had bought the ring went on a ship to the Vesuvius region . He there met a man called Maximus who recognised the ring and bought it off of the merchant . Then Maximus invited the merchant to stay at his house and then sent a message to his son (Julia’s father ) to bring Julia and visit immediately . They did so and the next day sat down to a banquet in which Julia’s grandfather presented Julia with her beloved ring . Julia was overjoyed and flew into her grandfather’s arms Then Julia’s father asked ,
“ O , Pater , who has found this ring ? I would like to reward them for bringing life into my daughter once again! I will reward them with Julia’s hand in marriage !” Julia then sighed deeply “Not again!” she thought ,agitated . But her heart shot up into her mouth with joy when her grandfather replied “It was this humble merchant, Julius !”
The merchant (who’s name was Dion ) who had secretly fallen in love with Julia gasped in delight ! Julia fluttered her eyelashes at him . Extremely long eyelashes they were too !!
But alas ,the week before they were to be betrothed the dormant volcano Vesuvius erupted , killing hundreds of people including Dion , Julia and all her family in Pompeii . The ring was buried under 2 feet of volcanic ash and lay there for 2000 years until an archaeologist dug it up . It is now on show in the British museum!  

by Ruby (aged 9)

Jack's Roman Story

A Roman 'gladius' sword

A cold wind blew the dust around the arena. Down in the underground chamber there were lions, tigers, cheetahs and leopards. Mummys were scrambling for seats. There were two people, one was a gladiator. The other one was a Roman. There names were Marcus and Angus. The fight began. But before the fight did start the Roman sneaked on to the platform of the fight and stole the gladiator's weapons.

The gladiator reached for his sword it was not there. He stretched for his dagger that was not there either. “HELP!” shouted Marcus. “Wait a minute” said Marcus “Angus might have them,” he said to himself. He always is naughty. “STOP THE FIGHT!” said Marcus. He went up a few steps and got his stuff...

By Jack C - a student from Sketchley Hill Primary School

Ethan's Roman Story

A Roman coin - showing the god Jupiter

There was once an old dusty arena built for the emperor to watch chariot races. The men and women were pushing shoving and fighting for a seat at the grand race of Rome, even the emperor was watching. It had a large dusty race track and old dusty cobwebs and an underground chamber with tigers, lions and bears.

There were two brave gladiators called Maximus and Lucio. Maximus had a sword and a sharp dagger and he was always honest and always won. Lucio was a cheat and never won and he had an old dusty chariot and a tiny shield.

When the race started Maximus was through into the lead then suddenly Lucio threw a knife at his wheel. He fell and broke his arm.

Then he called his friend to say he that he had broken his arm. He got to his friends house who helped him. And then he told him what he thought had happened and then his friend put a bandage on it.

Maximus ran to the shop to buy a new chariot but there was one left and he bought a smelly one. Then he ran as fast as he could he was a few minutes late. Then he told the man, “Can I please get through?” ”Why yes.” Then the race started Lucio was in the lead then Maximus said the magic word “Grand race,” then little gold pieces made him speed through into the lead then he won race and he won the solid gold trophy and he was the roman master chariot racer.

By Ethan D - a student from Sketchley Hill Primary School

Molly's Roman Story

A temple

A jousting tournament was about to begin. People were scrambling for seats getting ready to watch. The place was huge.

The people who were fighting were Rian and Troy. Rian was a cheat and a liar. Troy was honest and sharing. But he was not a warrior. He was a poor peasant with no armour and no weapons.

When the day came Troy was terrified. Rian had a cheating plan so he could win. When the moment was finally here Troy was so, so scared. “HELP!” he cried, “HELP! HELP!”

When Rian saw how scared he was Rian did an amazing thing. He lowered his sword and stopped.
“Are you ok?” Rian asked. Troy opened his eyes “Y y y yes.” Troy replied. “Come on,” said Rian. “Lets get you home. And from that day on Rian and Troy were friends.

By Molly C - a student from Sketchley Hill Primary School

Georgia's Roman Story

An amphitheatre

Out in the open lay a dusty track with the sun shining hard on the surface. The arena stood in the middle of a field surrounded by trees and fencing. There were thousands of people lining up for the chariot racing.

Jerry was going to race in the arena he was quite excited. It was a big thing for him. Jerry is 59. He was a very good racer and he has lots of trophies.

When the race started Jerry was coming 1st. He was very happy. All of a sudden his horse’s reins came loose and somebody overtook him and his horse ran away.

The crowds were shouting “JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!” He knew what he had to do. So he rode with one horse. He began to know that riding with one horse was faster.

He crossed the line but he did not know if he had come first. His heart was beating very, very fast. He was very happy to complete the race.

The judges started to speak they said “1st is JERRY”. He was so excited that he jumped in the air in happiness. He won an enormous cup, and he felt very important.

By Georgia H - a student from Sketchley Hill Primary School

The Stolen Ring

A Roman ring

In the town of Rome there lived an emperor that was called Maximus and a boy that had a normal body and elephant head. He was called Marcus. One Monday afternoon the emperor let the boy into his palace and showed him around his house. The boy saw a ring and his eyes gleamed like a light. A week went by and the boy couldn’t stop thinking about the golden ring. That night the boy crept into the house, stole the ring and ran away. The next morning the emperor woke up and the ring was gone. He called his men and said “MEN COME HERE AT ONCE”. The men came running up the stairs and pushed the door right open. One of the men said “what is the matter”. “Someone has stolen my golden ring”. The men told the other people and they all went looking for the missing ring. A year went by and the boy had forgotten about the ring. One day the boy looked in his box and found the ring. He went back that night and put the ring back. The next morning the emperor woke up and looked around, saw the ring and jumped right out of his bed. He went to get the ring and looked at it really closely, saying to himself “I am sure I can see finger marks” and he looked even closer and said “I know those’s finger mark’s”. He sent his men out to the boy’s house. When they arrived one of the men knocked on the door. The boy opened the door and said “what are you doing here”. One of the solider said “to take you to the amphitheatre”. So off they went. When they got there they chucked him on the stage. When Vibius walks on the stage, the crowd shouts “FIGHT”! So they fought. When Vibius jump’s on the boy, the boy couldn’t breathe and the emperor said the boy is dead. After that they never saw that boy again.

By J - a student from Pikemere School

Stories from YAC

The following stories are taken from an event that Robin Price did in 2005 with some members of the Young Archaeologists club. These kids were extremely familiar with Romans - they had done some research, had been out on the site of the Roman sea-fort Branoduno and had also interviewed the local scientists of British Roman history. They choose a setting for their stories in Brancaster (Norfolk), approximately 270AD.

The Sealed Diary by Katy Hannah

The Samian bowl, before being broken!

Day 1
I have decided to write this diary as these days are long, lonely, and so the doctors say, short in number. One day my children will read this and see how dangerous these days are. I am currently lying here in the run down Valetudinarium (Hospital) out on the dark side of town. I have been here near on 6 days. My Master delivered me here after I fainted three times in a row, causing the breakage of my Masters favourite samian bowl, the one with flowers round the edges.

Day 2
Today I am free of that dreadful place. I am restored to almost my previous state , however, I have news that my Master will not accept me back into his household. I am a free woman and will make my money by taking laundry in. With no place I can call “ home” my future looks bleak.

Day 3
What a day it's been! I haven't wrote for at least a month and since then I have met the man of my dreams. Felix is the son of the local Commanding Officer. He is young, brave and handsome so much like my little statue of Hercules! He has bought me a home, a little house near the Praetorium. I have been taking laundry in and somehow managed to get by on very little.

Day 4
Felix has gained permission from my elderly father for us to marry! I can't wait for the day, only one week I shall move into his well kept house with him.

Day 5
Felix, now I am his legal wife I feel that I can talk about the way I want to. His gambling is quite appalling and he has lost so much money! I fear the coming winter. I really will have to stop him.

To be continued...

Characters Helena - Slave girl, writes this diary Herennia - Officers wife, evil lady Felix- Helena's husband, gambles too much Crito Africanus - superior officer Lupis – Murderer, Lupus means “wolf” Nero – Innkeeper.

Locations Valetudinarium- Hospital Inn Via Praetoria Temple

Objects Statue of Hercules Hoard , 2400 coins and 2 bracelets Finger-ring with bust of Emperor Tetricus ( 270-274 AD) Samian Bowl.

Plot plan: Slave girl starts by saying how she ended up in hospital. Freed by Master due to illness. Marries officer's son, Felix. He looses money, gambling. His father dies and inherits ring. Sells it and All Live Happily Ever After!

The Night of the Cursed Ring by Romulus Remus

The cursed ring!

(Pseudonym for George Stevens, George Norman, Jonathan Landless, Sarah Landless, Emma Swanston)

Many years ago there was a storm, a stranger crept mysteriously through the loud, pattering rain. He was carrying a dark box with a curse in it, a cursed ring. He began to dig a small hole and placed the box inside it. Then a thunderbolt struck to the ground and the stranger covered up the ring before it could be harmed by the lightening.

Year 280 AD, 12.March
Dear Diary, today a had a big shock! I do not know how to explain this frightening experience. I was sitting in my husband's courtyard- Egbuttius is the Commander of the Fort. A green, luminous lightening bolt came out of the blue. I think it was from the Gods because a golden ring appeared from where it hit the ground. I took it inside and never told anyone about it.

Dear Diary, today I was walking down the street when I saw someone I had never seen before walk towards me. He said: “You are so ugly, I wish you had a pig's head!” Suddenly a half invisible axe appeared and chopped off someone's head- and a pig's head came up instead. To be continued...

Characters Tullia- Commander's wife writes a diary. She found a RING. Fabia- Slave girl Egbuttius- Commander of the Fort Maro - Cursed guy Juba – Drunken guy at the Inn Nero- Innkeeper.

Objects Hoard - 2400 coins and 2 bracelets, Finger-ring with bust of Emperor Tetricus ( 270-274 AD), Dodecahedron- Mysterious object, Fragments of Roman armour.

Locations - Inn, Trading Post, Vicus Courtyard of Commander.

Plot Plan Flashback- burying the Curse in a dark night. Many years later Tullia finds ring People get cursed Maro, a soldier gets cursed Maro steals hoard of coins and silver bracelets. He leaves behind his Dodecahedron. Buries it in Commander's courtyard. Maro, the thief, dies. Dodecaherdon starts to glow...