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Craig Conlan

Craig does great illustrations for a wide range of people and has won all sorts of awards. He is probably best known for Hairy Mary - his comic creation. He also illustrated Santa Claus is on a Diet for Mogzilla.

Craig Conlan's website

Nancy Scott-Cameron

Nancy is the author of Mogzilla's Santa Claus is on a Diet. She now lives in Australia.

Paul McGrory

Introducing new talent Paul McGrory. Paul studied illustration at Goldsmiths and is really into 70's comics, (amongst other things). You can check out Paul's work at

Paul is currently working on the next London Deep book.

Son of Ken

Artist Son of Ken is the brains behind Spartapuss' brilliant covers. When he's not designing covers, he works as an animator on a famous CBBC series!

Son of Ken

Watch some of Son of Ken's short films

Woodrow Phoenix

Woodrow Phoenix co-authored 'Count Milkula' with Robin Price. He lives and works in London, where he creates his award-winning illustration, typography and comic books for a range of international clients. This includes creating a regular comic strip for the Guardian called Donny Digits.
Woodrow wears chelsea boots, drinks far too much coca-cola and knows how to play the drums.

Check out his Wikipedia page for more info!

Robin Price

The Gruffalo played on Broadway in 2004

Robin is the creator of three book series: the Spartapuss series, the Beowuff saga and the graphic novel London Deep. Robin likes collaborating and has co-authored two titles: Count Milkula with Woodrow Phoenix and Beowuff and the Horrid Hen with Richard Eccles.

Robin also adapted Mogzilla's Roobarb and Custard books. He is currently touring the country, visiting schools and libraries. He's also busy working on a new book in the London Deep series.

Robin sometimes visits International schools with Authors Abroad. So far he has been to Malawi (2012) Kuwait (2013) Qatar (2014) Thailand (2014) and China (2015).

Robin has always been massively into music. He co-wrote songs for Tall Stories in their brilliant musical adaptations of The Gruffalo, Something Else and Room on the Broom.

This last show was nominated for a prestigious Olivier award as best Children's Musical in 2013.

Alex Keller

Alex Keller started off wanting to be an archaeologist, but he found that being stuck in a ditch in the rain all day wasn't as glamorous as he thought. Instead, he decided to try his hand at writing for a living. He lives in North London, His first novel Haywired was published in 2010 and the sequel Rewired followed in 2011. 2015 saw the release of the first book in Alex's acclaimed series The Order of the Furnace.

Alex Keller's website

Professor Burns-Longship

Professor Burns-Longship is the translator of the Beowuff saga, He speaks five languages (three of them ‘dead’ and one on its last legs). Despite his widely reported spat with Dr Sven Smugaxe of the Stockholm Institute of Vikingology, Professor Burns-Longship is still generally acknowledged to be the world’s leading authority on Viking dogs. He lives and works in the charming village of Wuffton-Basset, although his field-trips take him everywhere from Oxford to Oslo. When not translating Beowuff sagas, he writes for The Village Blog.