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GobDrop and SnowShine

The King of the Things Binding: Paperback, 128 pages
ISBN: 978-1-906132-53-8
UK �6.99
Publication date: 14/10/13

Format: 198mm x 129mm

BISAC Code: JUV002050, JUV016020


A tale of goblins and elves from The Man from Story Mountain.
Meet GobDrop - the world's most disgusting goblin. He's feared across the entire North Pole and he hates everything about Christmas - the presents, the tinsel, and especially the songs. If there is one thing that GobDrop hates more than Christmas, it is elves. Especially annoying little musical elves with their silly squeaky voices. Unfortunately, SnowShine - the smallest elf ever, gets lost. And guess who captures him wandering in the mountains and takes him back to their mountain lair? Can the elf save the magical bag full of happy carols that hangs over the goblin's fire?

About the author
Adrian Beckingham, (A.K.A. The Man from Story Mountain) is a leading story-teller who has spun magical tales at the British Museum, the Glastonbury Festival and venues across the globe. A believer in the power of story to transform and heal, Adrian is well known for his work using stories to improve mental health/ community care settings. He is also the founding chairman of
The Siddhartha Foundation, a charity establishing a residential school for Himalayan orphans in Kathmandu city.

Mogzilla have worked with Adrian to bring the spoken word feel of his tales into a new series of short novels that are ideal for improving readers who like a fast paced read.

Also by Adrian Beckingham

In The King of the Things (Adrian's first book for Mogzilla) Hunch gets into trouble in the wild woods when he bumps into The Things - creatures so weird that no one has ever been able to describe them.

Email to arrange for Adrian to visit your school, library or festival.