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Witches Hill

Witches Hill ISBN: 978-1-906132-25-5
Price: £7.99
144 pages
Suggested age range: 10+


Esteban Fawkes is a young sorcerer specialising in time magic or 'chronomancy'. Connie is a two hundred year old alchemist. Danny is a Conjurer who can summon supernatural beings, or banish the Things That Should Not Be Here.
News about a ghost in Lancashire seems like the perfect chance for Danny to drag his friends Connie and Esteban out mountain biking. But when they get to the mountains they encounter
Jennet Device, the witch child whose testimony condemned the Lancashire Witches of 1612. Can Esteban, Danny and Connie stop the witch hunt from happening again?

'In my dream my friend Danny was trying to hold a circle. That's what Danny does, he's a Conjurer. Conjurers draw magic circles and exorcise the Things
That Shouldn't Be Here.'

"Jon Chant expertly creates a world of both magical fantasy and historical fact and melds a tale of jeopardy and intrigue." Jon Lee Rees