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Santa Claus is on a Diet (signed)

Mrs Claus decides that it's time for Santa to change his diet and start exercising...

School Daze

Searching for a decent state education

Son of Spartapuss (The Olympuss Games: Book 1)

Part one in the new illustrated 'Spartapuss' series for younger readers (aged 6 and upwards)

Spartapuss series paperback set

All five titles in the Spartapuss series in paperback format

Stars of Olympuss (The Olympuss Games: Book 4)

The fourth book in our illustrated 'Spartapuss' series for younger readers (aged 6 and upwards)

Story Spinner Set

A set of 5 spinners + story-writing materials

The Chronicles of Cerberus

A fun twist on the Hercules myth

The Krow Twins in... The Da Finchi Code

Meet Tommy and Terry Krow

The Order of the Furnace

Book 1: Rebellion

The Order of the Furnace

Book 2: Justice


The latest London Deep graphic novel

When Custard was Grounded

Roobarb decides to hold an air show

When Roobarb found the Hieroglyphics

Roobarb's garden treasure hunt

When Roobarb's Trousers Flew

Bover with hover trousers!

When there was a Ballet

Custard stars in 'Duck-pond on Ice'

When there was a Pottery Party

A smashing tea party was had by all...

Witches Hill

Things That Shouldn't Be Here