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The Guinea Pig Bang

The Guinea Pig Bang Binding: Paperback, 32 pages
ISBN: 978-1-906132-43-9
UK £6.99
Format: 198mm x 129mm


Join Stephanie Pellet, the smartest guinea pig in the world, on a time traveling journey to the beginning of everything.
Doctor Finklefox claims she's not mad, but she'll do anything to get her time experiment to work. She's zapped countless of guinea pigs into the
distant past. But this time, Stephanie Pellet gets the machine going. Join Stephanie and her guinea pig friends on a trip back 13.7 billion years in time - to the very beginning of everything. In order to keep the science accurate, the eminent birds Dr Stephen Swarkin and Albert Einstein provide a running commentary..

Gordon the GP says:
'This touching depiction of the plight of some cute and furry creatures is exactly what I like to see more of in children's books. I think that Dr Finklefox could have been less evil - but apart from that I would give it 10/10 - the same mark that I gave to Chris White's last book which was about a space unicorn called Sasha.'

About the author
Chris White is the author and illustrator of such books as Bitey The Vampire and Never Give a Duck a Pen. Chris has toured the world giving writing workshops for kids in China, Kuwait and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Robin Price is the author of the Spartapuss series and Beowuff and the Horrid Hen.