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The Chronicles of Cerberus

The Chronicles of Cerberus ISBN: 9781906132781
LENGTH: 100 pages
SIZE: 129 x 198mm
AUTHOR: A.S. Chrysostomou
PRICE: £6.99
FORMAT: Paperback


Introducing an epic monster diary for 6-9 year olds.

The Chronicles of Cerberus provides a fun new twist on the ancient Greek myth about the legendary three headed dog. Hades's watch dog Cerberus needs walking but everyone in the underworld is afraid of the beast. Sebastian - an ordinary farm boy - is the only candidate for the job. Join the pair on their adventures as they meet Greek legends Chimera, the Sphinx and Hercules - who turns out to be not nearly as heroic as his fans would have you believe!

About the author
Alicia Chrysostomou reckons she was destined to be a storyteller. After all, if you have a surname that translates as Golden Mouth and you’ve twice kissed the Blarney Stone, sometimes fate just takes over. Mind you, growing up in Ireland to a Cypriot father and Irish mother may explain a lot too.

To encourage her son’s writing once he started school, they would together sit down to make up little stories based on ancient characters. Cerberus was an early favourite and soon became the focus of these tales. Strangely enough, her son bears an uncanny resemblance to Cerberus’s best friend Sebastian! These stories grew over time to become ‘The Chronicles of Cerberus’.

Alicia is currently busy writing more adventures for Cerberus. She also writes learning material for the science and engineering sector, lecturing in schools and at other events.