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Great Fire

Demons of Dunkirk ISBN: 9781906132309
Price: £7.99
144 pages
Suggested age range: 9+



Esteban Fawkes is a young sorcerer specialising in time
magic, known as Chronomancy. Danny is a Conjurer who can summon supernatural beings, or banish the
Things That Should Not Be Here.
When Danny goes missing, a raging fire threatens to engulf London. Aided by a bystander called Connie,
Esteban must travel back to Pudding Lane in 1666 and
battle the dark forces that are threatening the city.
Offering a grittier take on teenage wizardry, this
meticulously researched thriller will bring the Great Fire
of London to life.


'My name's Esteban, and I'm a sorcerer. I
specialise in time magic, called Chronomancy. Two hours ago I had a dream where something horrible
tore itself out of the city. It was like watching a wasp
larva hatch out of a spider. I saw fire raging around
everywhere. In my dream my friend Danny was trying to
hold a circle. That's what Danny does, he's a Conjurer.
Conjurers draw magic circles and exorcise the Things
That Shouldn't Be Here.'

"In Great Fire, Jon Chant expertly creates a world of both magical fantasy and historical fact and melds a tale of jeopardy and intrigue, retelling the historical events of the Great Fire of London of 1666 amidst a thrilling and heart stopping tale of a magical race against time (quite literally) while taking the reader on a tour of the City - past and present. Great Fire is very readable. It is entertaining and educational, yet also manages to stoke the imagination and conjure a fantasy world of magic, sorcerers, time travel, demons and alchemy - while telling a dark tale of the events and men that helped shape modern London. Thoroughly recommended." Jon Lee Rees

This book has time travel, the Great Fire of London, and magic inside; it is also full of mystery. and Esteban are on a quest to find Danny as well as trying not to get killed by the portent and the one eyed man. Katherine - Year 6 (11 years old)