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Writing Tips

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Write your own Roman story

Ready to have a go at writing your own Roman story? Here are four easy steps to get your story going. (Our spinners will help you get started with this bit).

  1. Choose a Roman name
  2. Choose a location
  3. Choose an object (or two)
  4. Write a simple plot-plan

    Doing a rough plan of the story is a good idea. It should not contain too many details. The idea is to write a great story, not a great plan.

More story Writing Tips

If you write 150 words a day you can finish the first draft of your 40,000 word novel in 266 days – that’s about 9 months. Your debut novel will be 192 pages long – the same length as I Am Spartapuss . By writing 300 words a day you could be finished in 4.5 months!

This paragraph is 60 words long.

1) ‘Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.’ Philip Pullman

2) Some people can hold the whole shape of their story in their head but most of us need to start with some kind of plan.

3)…but don’t plan so much that you never get round to writing. ‘Story first, plan later. To hell with the plan!’ Phillip Pullman.

4) Every story needs conflict. This usually has to be resolved to make the end good.

5) Try to avoid a ‘cop out’ at the end of your story. If that means saying goodbye to characters you like.

6) Characters become clear through what people do and how they do it, not by what they say. Don’t say ‘She is clever.’ Show her being clever.

7) Avoid the expected. Always try to keep the reader guessing. Hold it back.

8) Get interested in words. Buy yourself a nice big dictionary.

9) The giant in the car park is more interesting than the giant in fairyland. ‘I like to set a story in a real place, it makes the fantasy more amazing.’Allan Ahlberg

10) ‘1/2 to 2/3 of my books are speech.’ Jacqueline Wilson

11) When you’ve finished, read your work aloud. Then get rid of every unnecessary word from each sentence. This helps your story to hold the reader’s attention. It’ll also shorten your book by pages.

Once having finished a manuscript, you can try to publish it with a publisher, for example with MOGZILLA - or put it online for the world to read.

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