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Beowuff and the Dragon Raiders (signed copy)

Beowuff and the Dragon Raiders Binding: Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN: 978-1-906132-39-2
UK £7.99

Format: 216mm x 138mm

BISAC Code: JUV002050, JUV016020


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Beowuff and his weak-witted bench-mate Arnuf find themselves washed up at the Sine Carne monastery where a peace loving order of 'meatless monks' work the earth and brew meat-free mead. But the bewildered brothers are under attack from a ruthless pack of Dragon raiders - thieving heathens with the sniff of monk-gold up their savage snouts. Will this day be the order's last?

About the book:
Beowuff's story echoes the tale of 'Beowulf' - one of the earliest recorded poems in Old English (Anglo-Saxon).

Sample chapter:
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What the reviewers say about Beowuff and the Dragon Raiders:

'Dogs, goats, Vikings, half-wits, monks, gold, and arrows - how could this book not be great?!! It is all about a dog called Beowuff who lives in Viking times. He finds himself becoming the hero he was desperately trying not to be. He ends up in a number of scrapes in an effort to save a load of monks who don't eat meat!
It can have some challenging moments with difficult words but if you keep going it is a stunning roller-coaster of a book - sometimes, you are laughing out loud; other times you are on the edge of your seat with real tension. Some of the stuff I read gave me a great idea about what it would be like to live in Viking times (cold and hard). And I also learned not to eat yellow snow.' Cameron, (aged 8) for Young Archaeologists Club Magazine.

Reviews for the Beowuff series:

'... and if you believe that (Burns-Longship) is the author's real name, you'll believe anything! The first in a new series for readers of 7+...It would be great fun to read aloud and share with a class.'

'My favourite part was when Beowuff tricked King Ruffgar into giving him gold, meat and meat-mead for bait to catch and kill Hendel the Hen (the evil chicken who had been attacking the King's people). But really Beowuff was planning to run away with the gold and feast upon the food himself.
Rating: I think it is a fantastic book for young people who want to enjoy a funny historical story. I would give it 9 / 10.' Emily (aged 7) for Young Archaeologists Club magazine

'It was surely only a matter of time before the creator of the witty and popular Spartapuss series of adventures, set in a feline-focused version of ancient Rome, found another historical direction to explore with his tireless punnery and scholarly attention to detail. Beowuff is a hilarious reimagining of the earliest recorded poem in Old English, combining shamelessly silly wordplay (for example, our furry and fallible hero must defeat Hendel, an evil, giant chicken) with authentically Anglo-Saxon literary language and conceits.' Teach Primary Magazine Nov 2011
Note from ed: Robin has asked us to point out that he co-wrote Beowuff and the Horrid Hen with viking guru Richard Eccles.

'Beowuff and the Horrid Hen is a fast-paced adventure set in a world populated by warrior dogs. Older children will love the inventive vocabulary, which is often stomach-churning - for example, 'His breath smelled worse than a bone-digger's loot-sack' or 'You disgusting streak of sea-snot!' Even the character names are great fun. As well as Beowuff and Hendel, you'll encounter Ruffgar, Slainpile, Greytongue and King Murderoc Bloodsacker.
Beowulf is one of the earliest recorded poems in Old English and Beowuff and the Horrid Hen is a great way to introduce this classic tale to confident readers.' Scholastic Education Plus Dec 2011

'Professor Burns-Longship has made an incredible discovery! A manuscript in a previously unknown language: Dog Viking. This will set historians' tongues wagging from Oxford to Oslo.'
Mrs Burns-Longship, The Village Blog

'As far as we know, the Vikings didn't eat bones. And if they did, they would not bury them in their gardens.'
Prof. Sven Smugaxe, Historian, Elkbridge University.

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In Beowuff and the Horrid Hen (the first book) our reluctant war-dog is ordered to defeat Hendel - a chicken of monstrous size. Good luck with that one...

Beowuff and the Dragon Raiders Beowuff and the Horrid Hen