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Santa Claus is on a Diet (signed)

I am Spartapuss, by Robin Price ISBN: 9780954657697
AGE: 3 and up
SIZE: 290 x 230mm
AUTHOR: Nancy Scott-Cameron
PRICE: UK £9.99
FORMAT: 32 pages (hardback) Full colour illustrations


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Centuries of junk food and snacks have taken their toll on Santa's waistline. With narrow chimneys now a danger, Mrs Claus decides that it's time for Santa to change his diet and start exercising. The reindeer, keen to lighten their load, are only too happy to help. But there's a fatal flaw in their weight loss plan...

'It's a good and fun idea to get some important messages across.' Lorraine Kelly

"Great book, kids love it." Patrick Holford (Nutrition guru.)

"It is essential to help children to discuss potentially sensitive issues about healthy eating in a positive manner."Stephanie Valentine, Education Director, British Nutrition Foundation