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Scoring for the Stasi

Scoring for the Stasi Binding: Paperback, 160 pages
ISBN: 978-1-906132-45-3
UK £7.99
Format: 195mm x 129mm

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Growing up in East Germany in the 1960’s, football mad Karl wants nothing more than to play for his hometown club. However, when this dream finally comes true, he soon finds out that playing for the mighty Dynamo Berlin comes at a cost. Karl realises that the team are run by the dreaded Stasi Police and he’s required to be more than just a football player. When he refuses to become an informant, he finds himself falling foul of powerful men who always get what they want. Of course, as he falls out of love with football, he could always simply up and leave. Couldn’t he? It’s not to be – players don’t leave Dynamo Berlin until the Stasi decide.

About the author
Joseph Curry is a primary school teacher based in Bournemouth. He has a passion for sport and history.

“No matter how bad the week had been, Saturday’s match was always an escape from the boredom of everyday life. Only now I’m not free any more. I’m as far from being free as you could possibly imagine…”