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When there was a Ballet

When there was a Ballet Binding: Paperback, 32 pages
ISBN: 9781906132149
Format: 180mm x 260mm

BISAC Code: JUV002000
Imprint: Mogzilla


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Roobarb's Garden Ballet Company puts on its own version of `Duck Pond on Ice' - with Custard in the starring role. Will the show end in triumph or tragedy? Guaranteed to be a cracking read!

35 years after the cult TV show, readers can follow the iconic duo through 32 pages of full colour adventures.


'My favourite part of the book is when the ducks perform and Custard jumps through the fire hoop. I like it because Custard looks very funny in the drawings. I liked all the characters but my favourite was Custard and the birds. I liked Custard because he's a boy but he dresses up girly at Ducks Pond on Ice and that made me laugh. I like birds because they look silly.'

Overall rating: 5/5
The Beaucoup Review by Niamh age 7

'I read this book with my six year old brother. He loved the illustration and thought the characters were hilarious. This was a well written book with simple words and sentences. It is a great re-creation of the old cartoons.' Yollie- (Aged 11)

'The gentle wit and charm of these new Roobarb stories will delight toddlers and parents. Young children will love the chaos that ensues not just between the forever joking Roobarb, the green dog and the wacky pink cat, Custard but with the rest of their gang's guaranteed to be laugh-out-loud funny. Great for parents to read aloud with their children too.'

'...Publisher Mogzilla has adapted Calveley's scripts from the second R&C produce a set of 32-page full colour romps, faithfully crammed with all the slapstick and layers of subtler humour you'd expect. Simultaneously nostalgic and fresh, they're bound to please those who remember this green and pink pair from the first time around, as well as a new generation of fans.' Teach Primary Magazine

Roobarb has a vision: 'Duckpond on Ice' is born Roobarb has a vision: 'Duckpond on Ice' is born